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Kish Island Drilling Services has been established by high qualified technical and engineering team with focus on Procurement, Manufacturing, Fabrication and Repair of Downhole Drilling Tools with the aim of providing the most technically advanced products along the highest possible quality and support to the market.
Based upon our continuous efforts to keep and improve the level of our services high enough to meet the requirements and satisfaction of our customers, we’ve made a commitment to continual improvement of our services and activities through upgrading and adjusting our system to the applicable international standards to meet and exceed them all comprehensively.

• Provide a healthy, safe and well-organized workplace along with being constantly improving for employees.
• Be environment-friendly to have prevention against pollution and probable environmental impacts that might result from the activities.
• Enhance the stakeholders’ satisfaction with the emphasis on customers’ feedback.

The company’s main defined policy for reaching the mentioned goals are:

• Integrating the philosophies of quality, health, safety and environmental management according to the highly accredited international standards into all our business practices.
• Ensuring the company’s compliance with health, safety, environment regulations and improving the performance continually.
• Promoting a company-wide culture of environment protection and safeguarding of health and safety at work to minimize the environmental impacts and personal hazards arising from activities.
• Ensuring the quality of service and fast delivery of orders consistently to meet and exceed the customers’ expectations.
• Ensuring the adequate and proper business workflows to meet the improving productivity and efficiency along the assessment of possible related risks.

In order to achieve the above-stated, the company implements the following standards:

ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, ISO/TS 29001:2010, ISO 10002:2014, HSE-MS: OGP, OHSAS18001:2007 and 5S

The achievement of the Company’s Policy as defined is a responsibility assigned to all Company’s Departments and Functions.